Where Does My Massage Session Take Place?

Every massage session takes place in an environment that is warm, comfortable, and quiet. We can also provide soft music to help you relax. In most sessions, you will be required to lie on a table face down, on a table that was specifically designed for your comfort.

Do I Have to Get Naked?

Traditionally, most massage techniques are performed with the client unclothed. However, it is entirely your decision if you want to be clothed, partially unclothed, or naked. Undress to what you are comfortable with. No more, no less. Even when you do undress entirely, you will be draped properly for the duration of the entire session.

Will I Be Alone When I Disrobe?

When it is time for you to undress, the practitioner will leave the room. You will then undress to your level of comfort, get comfortable on the table, and then cover yourself with the clean sheet or towel provided.

Am I Covered During the Entire Session?

During the entire duration of your massage session, you will be properly draped. This will keep you warm and comfortable. The only area that will ever be exposed is the section being worked.

What Body Parts Are Massaged During a Session?

Each massage session is based on the needs of the client. However, a typical full-body massage session includes work on the following body parts: arms, legs, hands, feet, head, neck, back, and shoulders.

What Does a Massage Feel Like?

There are different techniques used in massage, and each technique uses a different approach. However, as a baseline for clients, a practitioner will generally use a Swedish Massage. It is one of the most common forms of massage and the goal of this technique is to relax your entire body. The Swedish Massage starts with long, flowing strokes used to relax and calm both your nervous system and your exterior muscle tension. The style and the amount of pressure used can vary depending upon what you and your practitioner are trying to achieve with your massage session. For instance, the massage can be slow and gentle or be administered in a more vigorous approach.

Generally the practitioner will use a light oil or lotion. This is used to avoid excessive friction to the skin during your massage, and it also helps to hydrate your skin. If you ever have any discomfort please alert your practitioner immediately. The most effective massage is administered when your body is relaxed.

Is There More Than One Kind of Massage?

There are a wide variety of massage techniques you can use. Each technique utilizes different strokes, pressure, or other movements to achieve its purpose. To find the most appropriate method for you, talk with a practitioner today.

What Do I Do During the Massage Session?

If you have any questions about your massage or the technique that will be performed, feel free to talk with your practitioner. Your goal is to make yourself as comfortable as possible during your massage. If the practitioner needs you to move at all, he or she will tell you what to do as needed throughout your session. The majority of people will close their eyes and relax completely, only providing communication as needed for things relevant to the massage session. (For example, an extra blanket, more pressure, etc.)

How Will I Feel After My Massage Session?

Typically people feel very relaxed after a massage session. Some have been known to experience a break from their long-term aches and pains they developed from tension or a repetitive activity. It is recommended during the next few days for clients to drink plenty of water following their massage session. This will help expedite the built up toxins out of your system that were released from your soft tissues during your massage. You may feel a little sluggish for a day or so, followed by increased energy and productivity.

What Benefits of Using Massage?

Massage can help to provide relief from a variety of illnesses and discomforts. It can help to relieve muscular tension and pain, reduce stress, and increase joint flexibility, as well as reduce mental and physical fatigue and anxiety; increase circulation, promote faster healing of muscular tissue; reduce blood pressure; improve concentration; and more. Plus it can even promote a better night’s sleep.

Are There Any Medical Conditions I Should Advise the Practitioner About?

Yes!! Prior to any massage session, a practitioner will ask you general health questions. You need to truthful and honest when discussing your health problems and what medications you are taking. If you are currently under a physicians care, it is strongly recommended to receive prior written recommendation for the massage work. This is due to certain medical conditions require approval from your doctor.

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I am dedicated to listening with my heart, hands and ears. I am committed to responding with compassionate care and skill to meet each person’s needs to the very best of my ability. The opportunity to help someone feel better, with less pain and more movement is one of the greatest gifts of my life.

Together we can, "Build a bridge to better health."

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