What to Expect

Before the Massage

what to expect

For your first appointment with Bridges Massage, please either:

  • Print and complete the intake form and bring it
  • Arrive early to complete the intake form.

Please drink water before your massage. Your muscles will respond better if they are well hydrated.

A brief intake form will be completed. This will help inform the therapist of any conditions or medications that might be affected by your bodywork.

The therapist will listen to your needs. She will discuss a plan to best meet your needs and answer all your questions.

You can choose from a variety of therapeutic grade essential oils to enhance your bodywork. Your therapist can answer questions and make recommendations about using aromatherapy with your massage therapy session.

You may choose to disrobe completely, leave undergarments on or stay dressed.

During the Massage

A sheet (and blanket if you like) will cover you. On cold days, the table warmer keeps you nice and cozy. Only the area of the body that is receiving bodywork will be undraped.

The therapist will ask for feedback regarding pressure and comfort. You are encouraged to communicate your needs at all times. Except for communication relevant to your bodywork, your therapist will remain quiet. This allows you to fully relax and increase your body awareness.

Relaxing music will enhance your experience.

Your massage therapist is experienced and highly trained in: neuromuscular massage, trigger point therapy, sports massage, reflexology, hot/cold stone therapy, and deep tissue massage. You will receive a high quality massage that integrates techniques that best meet your needs. Please communicate special requests (i.e., foot reflexology, hot packs, etc.)

After the Massagechtenie

It is important to drink water after your massage. You will be given a bottle of water and encouraged to continue drinking water to help your body flush the toxins that have been released from your muscles.

If possible, it’s best to rest after your massage. This will give your body time to let the changes sink in and give you the maximum benefit. Walking is preferable over strenuous or stressful activities.

A healthy body requires maintenance. You and your massage therapist will discuss scheduling your next appointment to continue Building Bridges to Better Health.


Our Mission

I am dedicated to listening with my heart, hands and ears. I am committed to responding with compassionate care and skill to meet each person’s needs to the very best of my ability. The opportunity to help someone feel better, with less pain and more movement is one of the greatest gifts of my life.

Together we can, "Build a bridge to better health."

Online Scheduling

Schedule Appointment online:
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"Wendy is a skilled massage therapist, and she creates a calming environment that is characteristic of the person she is. Thanks Wendy!"

Beth Sigren

"I recommend Wendy to everyone I know. She is FABULOUS! I've known Wendy for several years and was one of her first customers as she went through massage school."

Maureen Baker

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